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Mid Year Exam Result
Sunday, 15 June 2014

Assalamualaikum and hi. Start today im going to write in english even though its just simple english and the broken one. I have got my english result and it's kinda sad cause i'm got C and i'm dying. luls my result this time the worst i have ever got. exams just around the corner and with this kind of results im not sure if i can get all A's T.T *cries a river* 

This is my mid year exams result. lol my english and math are C T.T i'm kinda upset. i didn't knew my full results since pjk's result still didn't check in. well, this exam used the new format of PMR and called as PT3. there's no objective questions and all of them were subjective questions lmao i'm sad. 98's above were so lucky you know. PT3 doesn't have Geography and History for the exams and i'm fine. lol but we had orals test for english and malay. I'm too worried with my english, math and khb-perdagangan to be very honest. my english were sucks same goes to my math lmao. 

My mom and dad were so angry with me cause my math very bad since i got B last year and got C this year. sobs sobs my brothers never get B when they're in lower form before that makes me so so so jealous and sad. well, these exams had KBAT or HOT which is higher order thinking that makes me go insane. I can't understand why government need to change the format and make us like this. They told us the new format in April while our examination in October and we will had some assignment of geography on this July while history on this August.

Urgh, guys, can you imagine? We got the new format on April, assignment of geography and history on July and August. Pra-PT3 on September and the real exam + orals tests on October. Can you imagine how depressed i am? i hope i can do well in my examinations soon. please pray for me guys. no, not just me. please pray for all student batch 99. we need some strength tbvh. hmm, Adios

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